Olenegorsk Lions Club of Murmansk region.

School 21


We invited Eino Frikvist to attend our lions meeting. During this meeting we discussed many problems about our friendship between Pajala and Olenegorsk and we decided to invite all lion's members from Pajala club to Olenegorsk in sping. At the meeting Eino Frikvist gave computers for school 22. Also some vitamins for handicapped children and for sportsmen.The money for these vitamins came from Lions Club Pajala.

Many thanks for these gifts Lions Club Pajala.

Eino Frikvist is running his own mittens company in Lovikka and from his company gave a present for 10 children with Downe syndrome and some mittens to our lions members who wanted to have a present. Thanks Eino Frikvist. www.lovikkavanten.se

Also during this meeting we gave a computer to school 21 which we got from Lions Club Umea/Teg of Sweden.

Thanks for this gift to Lions members Goran Wickman and Sven-Ola Hietala

  Vladimir Lebedev gift present to our writer
mittens from Lovikka       Eino Frikvist make a speech on Lions meeting
    computer from Lions Club Umea/Teg          
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